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Storage for Enterprise
Robust & powerful, keep ahead of the competition

Enterprise ZFS NAS

Intel® Xeon® Dual Active Controllers for Nearly Zero Downtime High Availability

  • ZFS-based storage with support for data deduplication and compression, near-limitless snapshots, and SnapSync
  • Optimized for file server, virtualization server, VDI, online video streaming, remote backup, and more
  • Supports OpenStack® Cinder and Manila file sharing services

TDS-16489U R2

Dual CPU and Dual OS System for Mission-critical Applications

  • Supports two operating systems – either the FreeBSD-based QES or Linux-based QTS
  • 12Gb/s SAS-enabled; PCIe expansion for 40GbE/25GbE NICs, Fibre Channel adapters, and graphics cards
  • QES supports ZFS with inline data deduplication and compression, near-limitless snapshots and SnapSync

TES-x85U Series

Dual OS Options System for Versatility and Mission-critical Applications

  • Intel® Xeon® D processor for optimum performance and efficiency
  • 40GbE expandability, 12Gb/s SAS-enabled, two built-in 10GbE SFP+ ports
  • All-flash storage; the best backup storage for QNAP Enterprise ZFS NAS

TVS-ECx80U-SAS R2 Series

12Gbps SAS-enabled unified auto-tiering NAS with built-in 10GbE and Intel® Xeon® E3 CPU

  • Built-in 10GbE, up to 3,800+ MB/s throughput and 268,000+ IOPS for breakthrough performance
  • Qtier Technology: Auto Tiering crucial to storage efficiency
  • Built-in 256GB mSATA modules for caching


All-in-One Solution for Rendering, Video Editing, and AI Computing

  • All-inclusive with storage, computing, and development platform
  • Features Intel® Xeon® W processors and supports up to four high-end GPU cards
  • Hybrid storage architecture with four U.2 SSDs for data preprocessing


16-bay Xeon D Super NAS with Exceptional Performance

  • Intel® Xeon® D processor, 10GbE/40GbE expandability, M.2 SATA 6Gb/s SSD slots, GPU passthrough
  • Qtier™ with SSD caching accelerates NAS performance
  • Virtualization-ready, VM and container support, comprehensive business applications

QuTS hero NAS Series

Powered by QuTS hero — a ZFS-based operating system with greater reliability and higher performance

  • ZFS-based storage with support for inline data deduplication and compression, near-limitless snapshots, and SnapSync
  • Feature-rich App Center expands NAS functionality without additional costs
  • Optimized for virtualization server, VDI, collaborative video editing, remote backup, and more

TS-x83XU Series

Server-class Intel® Xeon® E Processor and ECC Memory for high performance and reliability

  • Powerful Intel® Xeon® E processor, dual 10GbE SFP+ ports, and iSER support
  • Dependable ECC memory for crucial, server-class applications
  • PCIe expansion for graphics cards to enhance video surveillance, virtual machine, and AI performance


Cost-effective auto-tiered NAS solution for virtualization and data-intensive enterprise applications

  • Powerful and energy-efficient Intel® Xeon® D-1600 series multi-core processor
  • Dependable ECC memory for crucial, server-class applications
  • Six SSD slots, pre-installed dual-port 10GbE SFP+ network expansion card, PCIe expansion for 25GbE/40GbE network speeds


Ryzen™ NAS with graphics processing to facilitate AI-oriented tasks

  • AMD Ryzen™ processor with up to 8 cores/16 threads
  • Four Gigabit Ethernet ports, 10GBASE-T RJ45 ports to fully support 10GbE high-speed networks
  • Graphics cards are optimized for graphical calculations and transformations.

QuTS hero NAS: TS-hx86 Series

Cost-effective Intel® Xeon® D desktop QuTS hero NAS with quad-port 2.5GbE

  • Intel® Xeon® D-1600 series multi-core processor; up to 128 GB DDR4 ECC memory
  • Four 2.5GbE ports, two M.2 NVMe Gen 3 x4 SSD slots, PCIe expansion for 5GbE/10GbE/25GbE/40GbE high-speed connectivity
  • ZFS-based storage supporting inline data deduplication and compression, near-limitless snapshots, and real-time SnapSync

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