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Your AI commercial robot assistant!


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Why do you need KoiBot?

KoiBot AI Commercial Robot is a human-centered designed device that provides rich features including voice control, facial recognition, real-time translation, and sound localization to drive intelligent business solutions, such as smart reception or smart video conferencing. Businesses can customize KoiBot services by integrating their corporate data via API or SDK into KoiBot. Not only can KoiBot serve as an assistant to traditional receptionists for enhanced customer services, but it also reduces staffing costs and provides higher service stability, providing an ideal solution for corporate offices, government agencies, department stores, and medical institutions to accelerate their digital transformation.



Product Highlights:

  • Your AI commercial robot assistant
  • Sound localization
  • Voice control assistant
  • Video call
  • Facial recognition
  • Real-time translation


Diverse features enabling smart AI services

AI-service feature


Sound localization

Accurately captures the sound source and automatically adjusts the screen angle to immediately greet visitors.


Voice control assistant

Easily wake up KoiBot through voice control to perform various tasks, such as Q&A or video call a remote customer service representative.


Video call

Use KoiTalk mobile App, KoiTalk web version or KoiBot AI Robot to make a video call. You can also remotely view or make a four-way video call, making it a great solution for providing real-time customer services at reception counters or elderly care centers.


Facial recognition

The camera lens can capture high-quality images. Coupled with facial recognition capability, KoiBot can identify the user’s gender and age to provide personalized services or advertising based on the recognition results.


Real-time translation

Integrate Google translation services for enabling real-time voice to text translation, and greatly enhancing communication efficiency at reception counters.


Lifestyle and information

Feature-packed applications such as multimedia entertainment, weather forecast, and daily life information for providing up-to-date information.

Easily integrate KoiBot applications via API/SDK

System integrators and service providers can quickly integrate various built-in KoiBot functions with their customers’ brand data via API or SDK to create flexible and customized AI Commercial Robot and provide intelligent services to drive digital transformation for corporate reception services, commercial business applications, and smart education.

  • Voice assistant

    Customizable voice control assistant, voice command, Q&A database via SDK to provide primary customer assistance.

  • P2P video call

    Customizable contact list via SDK, enabling video calls to remote customer services. QNAP also provides Relay Server to streamline video calls.

  • Facial detection & recognition

    Built-in facial recognition for age and gender detection. You can leverage the results to create personalized ads via API, which also works in offline mode.

  • Real-time translation

    Integrate Google translation service to provide real-time translation (ASR/NLU/TTS) of the 23 most common languages.

Wide range of KoiBot apps on demand

QNAP leverages AI mechanisms to provide intelligent applications including video calls, facial recognition, and translation, allowing you to flexibly build your own personalized AI commercial voice control robot via SDK or API integration. You can also leverage a wide range of on-demand applications in Qmarket or built-in lifestyle and information, calendar, multimedia applications to meet diverse business application needs.

feat-photo Take photo feat-radio Play radio feat-music Play music
feat-call Call a user feat-news Search news feat-YouTube video Play YouTube video
feat-video Record video feat-weather Check weather feat-alarm Set alarm

Smart reception to enhance visitor satisfaction

KoiBot AI Commercial Robot can serve as an assistant to traditional receptionists to provide intelligent services to help visitors quickly get assistance and answers, and greatly improve the stability of customer service and visitor satisfaction.

KoiBot specifications

Powerful hardware

KoiBot Specification1 - Microphone

KoiBot Specifications


Display 10-inch 16:10 IPS TFT LCD 1280x800
Camera 5MP camera, 2592 × 1944@15fps, F2.2, FOV 103.5°
1/4″ image sensor
  • 4 x MEMS MIC (up to 5-7 Meters)
  • Sound localization
Speaker 2 x 5W 4Ω stereo reflective speaker
I/O Interface
  • 2 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type A
  • 1 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type C (to HDMI output)
  • 1 x micro SD or Mini PCIe slot for 4G/5G (optional)
  • Wireless
  • IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • Bluetooth 4.1
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